I’ve created dozens of music videos, often rock and metal music, from one location videos to big festivals, but willing to create new pieces of art of any genre. This are a few examples:

Meltdown - “Death Is A Promise”

Narrative music video filmed in Northern Spain. Showing how hard is to overcome the loss of a loved one.

Close To The Sky - “Shades Of Mind”

Music video filmed in Madrid, Spain. Taking advantage of just one space giving it full of movement.

The Amsterdam Red-Light District - “Nobody Moves Like You”

Filmed from live shows during a Japan Tour in 2018 across 6 different cities of the sun-rising country. Domo Arigatou.

The Fall of Atlantis - “Watch Them Burn”

Music video filmed in Madrid, Spain. Funny to film, easy to enjoy.

Meltdown - “Rip Out My Eyes”

Filmed in the Basque Country, it’s a low concept video boosted with a lot of passion and presence.

Astray Valley - “Constellations”

Filmed in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Switching between studio and forest shots from the stunning and mystic mood from the Montseny woods.

Healing Sequenz - “Loneliness”

A good example of how to take advantage from a small studio to get a very good result and an excellent outcome.

Brothers Till We Die - “Hand To Hand”

Music Video filmed at Resurrection Fest, Spain, in front (and between) of thousands of people.

Flat Earth Society - “The Cataract”

Dark mood with a few colored lights music video. Focusing in the musicians with a hectic pace.

Meltdown - “One Step Closer (Linkin Park Cover)”

Motion graphics based video for a Linkin Park cover with a “live shots” breakdown that add that extra to make it pop from the rest of this kind of videos.

Sobre Todo Nombre - "Mashah (drawn out of the waters)"

Filmed in the south coast of Norway. Mixed of narrative scenes and the full band playing on the edge of a cliff.

Brothers Till We Die - “Agony Loves Me”

Hardcore music video filmed in a sold out show between hundreds of people.

Healing Sequenz - “Thirty”

Instrumental music video filmed in a set full of guitars, adding that background of technique and skills this band is made of.

Brothers Till We Die - “Back In The Game”

Filmed around the beautiful night of Madrid, Spain.

Astray Valley - “Northlights”

Filmed during the day faking the dark mood with super bright lights and using a slow aperture on the lens.

Fear My Intentions - "Abyss Walker"

Glitched style music video, mixing studio and live shots.

Opalized - “Rising From The Ashes”

Filmed in Bordeaux, France, in a ruined old house.

Fear My Intentions - “The Broken Man”

Low profile music video pushing the power of the east coast of Spain. Filmed in Murcia.

The Thousand Faces - “Tears In Stratford Streets”

FIlmed in a “prision looking” rehearsal rooms building in Villalba, Spain.

Brothers Till We Die - “The Thin Line Between Death And Immortality”

Filmed in a close space and a venue to take the best of both environments.

Eldorado - “Mad Woman”

Narrative music video with a twist.